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Emerging technology stands ready to serve the ever-changing travel industry, and forward-thinking companies are leading the charge. Some airlines have started accepting Bitcoin, and many also use mobile payments. Companies, airports, and governments have adopted fingerprint and facial recognition. Soon, you’ll be able to use your fingerprint or facial identity for in-flight purchases or customs review.

Travelers need proven identities. SureID can help.

Millions of travelers have moved through gates secured with SureID® technology. Our multifactor biometric systems are available through a secure, convenient, nationwide network. With locations in all 50 states and Washington DC, our SureID Registration Stations allow travelers to enroll and use their verified biometric identity to easily reach their next destination.

3.8 billion air travelers
in 2018.

7.2 billion by 2035.

In the air right now: 660,000.


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What We Do

1Capture and Channel Fingerprints

SureID is one of only a handful of authorized FBI fingerprint channelers in the US. This means that we meet strict government standards for fingerprint capture and delivery. We have over a decade of experience and have captured hundreds of millions of fingerprints for high security customers of all sizes.

2Take Passport-Quality Photos

SureID’s trained technicians capture visa application photos on the spot. Before the candidate leaves, we also make sure the photo meets visa quality standards. Convenient, simple, fast!

3Capture Electronic Signatures

We make creating electronic signatures a breeze by collecting them directly from our SureID Registration Station touch screen.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Patented process drives the most modern biometric capture stations on the market
  • Trained and certified technicians
  • Single-source station captures biometrics, electronic signature, and photos
  • Military-grade security protects sensitive data during capture, transmission, and storage
  • Best and most responsive customer support in the industry (92.7% satisfaction rating)