SureID’s RAPIDGate® Program Arrives at U.S. Coast Guard Yard, Baltimore

HILLSBORO, Ore.—July 29, 2016— SureID, Inc., a national leader in high-assurance identity management solutions, announced today that its RAPIDGate® program is now supporting identity management at United States Coast Guard (USCG) Yard in Baltimore, streamlining the process for vendors, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, service providers and others who require access to the installation. USCG Yard, Baltimore vendors began enrolling in the RAPIDGate program in July. By September 1, 2016, the installation will require all non-CAC card holders to have either a day pass or a RAPIDGate credential to access the facility.

The RAPIDGate program serves U.S. Marine Corps, Army and Navy installations across the country and provides an enterprise-wide, single-credential high assurance identity management system to register, identity proof, screen, credential, and rapidly validate individuals seeking installation access. The RAPIDGate program supports businesses of all sizes by handling the management of participant screening and credentialing for installation access while reducing unproductive wait times to get on base. Once a person is an approved and credentialed participant of the RAPIDGate program, there is no need for daily visits to the Pass and ID office for a temporary access pass.

“The RAPIDGate program enables vendors, contractors and others doing business with the Coast Guard to spend more time on their work instead of waiting in line at the Pass and ID office,” said Steve Larson, chairman and chief executive officer of SureID. “We are proud to implement the RAPIDGate program at Coast Guard Yard, Baltimore. We look forward to educating the broader community about how much more efficient base access will be because of it.”

Businesses typically recapture program costs through increased productivity of their employees. They also are able to better meet the needs of their military customers with more prompt and responsive service, facilitated by quicker installation access.

More than 170,000 RAPIDGate PIV-I credentials have been issued since 2014. The PIV-I standard currently serves as the federal government’s most rigorous protocol for non-CAC commercial high-assurance credentials. The standard allows a single credential to be interoperable across multiple federal government agencies for both physical and logical access and supports multi-factor authentication for more secure online transactions. SureID is the industry leader and a nationally recognized expert in PIV-I credentialing, one of the nation’s fastest-growing areas of high-assurance identity management.

About the RAPIDGate Program

The RAPIDGate program is an end-to-end high-assurance identity management solution. This program manages the identities and installation-specific access privileges of tens of thousands of program credential holders for access to military installations throughout the nation. RAPIDGate program participants can, with one credential, access any installation where the program is implemented so long as the company they represent has been sponsored by the installation or a tenant command, and is approved by the installation commanding officer. The RAPIDGate program is further enhanced by SureID’s complementary solution, the RAPID-RCx® program, which allow security personnel to scan driver’s licenses, CAC cards, Teslins, and TWICs.