Organization Enrollment
The SureID Certified PIV-I Solution provides an end-to-end, high-assurance identity that complies with government mandates and integrates with existing infrastructures.

PIV-I Organization Enrollment

SureID provides trusted PIV-I credentials for organizations, their employees and for vendors. The SureID registration and issuance process is simple and will take approximately 15 minutes each to complete.

SureID will provide an Issuance Representative to assist with the registration and issuance events. We will require your organization to assign a main point of contact to help coordinate the events and provide information to your participants. Here’s how it works:

Step 1
Prepare for arrival and setup

Your point of contact will coordinate the event location and escort the SureID Issuance Representative while at your location.
View the Credential Registration & Issuance Overview Document

Step 2
Ensure participants attend the SureID PIV-I registration and issuance events

Your point of contact will send participants to the registration or issuance area at the rate of one participant every 10-15 minutes.

Step 3
Prepare participants for registration event

During the registration event, participants will be required to:

  • Provide their personal information
  • Scan fingerprints
  • Take photograph
Step 4
Ensure participants attend SureID PIV-I issuance event

All participants are required to meet with a SureID Issuance Representative to complete the multi-step process. Participants will be required to:

  • Bring unexpired forms of identification
    View List of Acceptable Identification Documents
  • Verify their identities using a fingerprint scanned during registration
  • Sign a Subscriber Agreement
    A subscriber agreement will be provided during PIV-I credential issuance, detailing the participant’s rights and obligations with respect to the receipt and use of a PIV-I credential issued.
    Download the Subscriber Agreement
Our Products

SureID Certified™

SureID’s high-assurance digital identity certifies that an individual is exactly who they claim to be. An individual provides their personal information only once. A SureID is more than just an ID card; it’s a certification.

SureID Certified Edge™

SureID Certified Edge™ is a high-assurance identity solution that includes a thorough background screen and recurring records monitoring on a subscription basis.

SureID Certified PIV-I™

For federal government contractors, the new streamlined SureID Personal Identity Verification-Interoperable (PIV-I) federated solution easily integrates within an organization’s existing infrastructure, enables multifactor authentication, and provides trusted access through the federal bridge.

SureID Fingerprint Services

As one of the few FBI-approved Channelers in the nation, SureID is authorized to obtain Identity History Summary Information including fingerprints and relevant data for individuals to be submitted to the FBI.

SureID Certified Enterprise™

The SureID Certified Enterprise™ Solution serves medium and large businesses or organizations needing high-assurance identity verification for vendors and contractors.

Rapidgate® Program

For government, commercial, and military organizations seeking to protect their assets and people, the SureID RAPIDGate Program provides a secure, cost-effective way to manage risks associated with un-vetted third-party personnel.
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