SureID Certified™

Identity Matters when it comes to vendor risk management.

SureID Certified™ manages vetting, authenticating, and monitoring vendor employees, so you don’t have to!

In today’s fast-paced, competitive business landscape, major corporations, organizations, and enterprises must take the necessary precautions to prevent risks from occurring. Third-party vendors and affiliate programs are a vital and integral part of your enterprise, but they must be properly assessed to safeguard from financial, operational, compliance, strategy, and geographical security breaches that could harm your reputation and stability.

SureID Certified Edge™ is a cloud service that enables corporations to manage third-party vendor populations in a consistent, cost-effective, and compliant manner. Our vendor risk management solution works to support various organizations. Ensure that your organization is working with only highly credentialed partners and contractors with SureID.



15 million self-employed in 2015
Projected 17 million in 2016

Use SureID Certified™ to:

  • Verify vendor employee identity.
  • Register third-party employees online, on a mobile device, or in person.
  • Choose virtual badges or physical cards for vendor employee access.
  • Customize background screening and ongoing monitoring.
  • Reduce the risks of conducting business with third-party vendor companies.
  • Use the mobile app or any QR Code reader to validate the credentials of vendor employees.
  • Meet your industry compliance requirements.

SureID Certified Offers:

Access and compliance management
Identification verification
Complete vendor management
Full life-cycle credential management
Mobile app ID verification
Physical card or virtual badge
Thorough background screening and on-going monitoring
How It Works
REGISTER Provides automated registration and issuance process to reduce credential management burden on organizations

Identity proofs registrants with trusted ID verification process


Includes a thorough background screen and ongoing monitoring on a subscription basis


Helps organizations meet mandates with HSPD-12 compliant credential


Ability to dynamically update

Can reach out through SureID’s API to verify if a user if valid

SureID Certified™ is a vendor risk management service for businesses that makes onboarding third-party employees simple.





  • Third-party vendor registration and enrollment through web, mobile, and in-person registration stations. Biographical and biological identity information collection and proofing is performed through online and in-person processes. Services such as enrollment events are available to customers and vendor companies.

  • SureID Certified™ vets employees through identity documentation review and customizable criminal history check. Other types of background checks: education verification, employment history, and more!

  • Maintain and ongoing background screening and monitoring process for your third-party partners, vendors, and suppliers on a customized cadence to meet your needs. SureID Certified™ supports various industries and business needs.

  • Credentialing supports both virtual badges and physical cards in a range of industry standard formats. Physical cards can be sent to a specified location or directly to the employee.

  • Validation scanning of third-party vendor credentials is supported natively through any generic QR enabled application, as well as SureID's free mobile applications. Automated notifications to help registrants through the credentialing process: where to register or capture fingerprints, a notification when the credential is ready, and where it will be sent.

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