Identity & Access Management

The Future of Identity Today

Paper documentation, a centuries-old method of identity validation, no longer meets the needs of our mobile, hyper-connected world. It’s far too easy to forge images and documents. Biometrics offer superior, individualized alternatives. And as the available technology grows in number, it’s decreasing in cost.

The future of identity is biometrics: our fingerprints, our faces, ourselves.

Government agencies and businesses are already using biometrics to securely identify trusted people and grant them physical and data access. In the near future, we’ll see biometrics used to access houses, cars, bank accounts, and more.

SureID has overseen over a half a billion biometric-based access events, and we’re revolutionizing the way organizations collect, manage, and use biometric information to better serve their customers and visitors. With advanced technology, military-grade security, and the best service network in the business, we help organizations realize the full potential of biometric identities at scale.

74% of IT professionals say biometric authentication is secure or extremely secure.


Identity and Access Info Sheet


How We Help

1Securely capture biometrics

Our SureID Registration Stations are located in secure, modern facilities. They offer the easiest, most convenient way to capture your biometric information available today.

2Store and transmit data

SureID meets strict government standards for biometric data storage and transmission. With over a decade of experience, we have kept hundreds of millions of fingerprints safe for high-security customers of all sizes.

3Verify identity

Our patented identity verification algorithms authorize access and purchases using securely encrypted biometric data.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Patented process drives the most modern biometric capture stations on the market
  • Trained and certified technicians
  • Single-source station captures biometrics, electronic signature, and photos
  • Military-grade security protects sensitive data during capture, transmission, and storage
  • Best and most responsive customer support in the industry (92.7% satisfaction rating)