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Steve Larson


Steve Larson founded SureID, Inc., in November 2001 and now serves as non-executive Chairman of the Board. Mr. Larson previously served as CEO, and he continues to serve as an advisor to the company in addition to serving on the Board. In 1987, Mr. Larson founded Unicru, Inc., where he served as Chairman of the Board, CEO and President. Unicru was the leader in Human Capital Management (HCM) automation technology, and was among Oregon's fastest-growing private companies prior to its acquisition by Kronos, Inc.

Mr. Larson has participated as a board member of several technology companies and others including COMPI and ExecuHealth. He has assisted in funding and recruiting executives and board members for numerous companies.

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Ernie Allen

Board Member

Ernie Allen is the leading global expert on the issues of child abduction, sexual exploitation, sexual violence and human trafficking. He is a frequent keynote speaker at major U.S. and international conferences and currently serves as a consultant to governments, corporations and organizations on issues related to child protection, trafficking, public-private partnerships, the Internet and the digital economy. Mr. Allen is former President and CEO of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. During his tenure more than 180,000 missing children were recovered and the recovery rate increased from 62% in 1990 to 97% in 2012. He established the national 24-hour missing children hotline, brought forensic resources including age progression and facial reconstruction to law enforcement and trained 300,000 police and prosecutors. He is currently principal at Allen Global Consulting.

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B.G. "Buddy" Beck

Board Member

B.G. "Buddy" Beck has been a director of SureID, Inc., since 2004 and founded a number of companies involved in energy, defense, and medical technology. He was Vice Chairman and Director of the Board for L-1 Identity Solutions Inc. As an active member of the Army Science Board, Mr. Beck served on a number of National Security reviews relating to Homeland Security, asymmetric warfare and terrorist containment. Since 2005 he has been serving as President of the Beck Foundation that established the PRIDE Center for America’s Wounded Veterans. He currently serves on the board of George Mason University in Virginia and the University of North Carolina in Wilmington.

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Admiral Thomas H. Collins

Board Member

Admiral Thomas H. Collins, U.S. Coast Guard (retired), has 38 years of experience and accomplishments as a commissioned officer, leader, and manager in the U.S. Coast Guard. Retired as Commandant of the Coast Guard in 2006, Admiral Collins managed over 100,000 personnel, an $8.1 billion budget, and a fleet of over 220 ships, 230 aircraft, 1,800 boats, and over 160 shore facilities. Admiral Collins has served the American public and the maritime industry in a variety of safety, environmental, law enforcement, and national security missions, including leading the Coast Guard’s overall response to hurricane Katrina. Since 2006 Admiral Collins has served as a maritime security and safety consultant. He also currently serves as a member of the board of directors for Terma North America, Inc; the Armed Forces Benefit Association; and Chairman of the Board for NTT Data Federal Systems, Inc. He is also a senior advisor to Ridge Global LLC, a strategic consulting company.

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General Ralph E. "Ed" Eberhart

Board Member

General Ralph E. "Ed" Eberhart is a Director of SureID, Inc. He has been President of the Armed Forces Benefit Association since 2005 and Chairman and President since February 2009. He served as Commander of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and U.S. Northern Command from October 2002 to January 2005. His active military career spanned 36 years. He is a member of the Board of Directors of VSE Corporation, Jacobs Engineering Group Inc., Rockwell Collins, and Triumph Group, Inc., and he is a Director of several private companies.

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Raymond Humphrey

Board Member

Raymond Humphrey is an internationally recognized leader in the security-risk management field with extensive experience at the most senior levels of government and industry. Mr. Humphrey evaluates Homeland Security preparedness, deterrence, business continuity, consequence management, introduction of leading-edge security technology, and similar initiatives at the Federal, municipal, state and organizational levels within the United States and other countries. Mr. Humphrey is associated with the White House Fellows, first Sky Marshal, and Witness Protection Programs, and was formerly Chief of Industrial Defense for the United States. He remains the only individual to have served as both President of ASIS International and the International Security Management Association (ISMA).

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Greg Priddy

Board Member

Greg Priddy Greg Priddy brings a wealth of financial experience to the company. Mr. Priddy is Chief Investment Officer for a private equity fund based in Europe. He has more than 25 years of audit and accounting, taxation and finance experience on an international level, including the U.S., the U.K., Switzerland and other European countries. His responsibilities include evaluating, negotiating, monitoring, administering and successfully exiting the fund’s various investments. He has studied at the University of Southern California, UCLA, and at the University of Liechtenstein. He currently serves on the company’s audit and governance committees.

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