Biometrics for Business

Biometrics for Today’s Business Needs

Biometric authentication, once a process largely reserved for military and government, is now commonplace. We access our phones, computers – even our houses –  using our fingerprints or faces.  Beyond convenience, biometric authentication provides significantly greater security than traditional passwords.

Businesses need to keep pace. SureID can help.

Modern businesses use biometrics to hire, retain, and advance the very best people. Biometrics are also used to regulate access to sensitive data and locations. We provide biometrics for:

In addition, SureID partners with background screening organizations to help your HR team manage the entire hiring, onboarding, and retention process.

62% of businesses used biometric authentication in 2018. Nearly 90% will use it by 2020.


What We Do

1Collect candidate information

SureID’s representatives work with your organization to seamlessly integrate into your hiring or access processes.

2Capture biometrics

SureID then directs your applicants and/or employees through the process of capturing biometrics. With trained technicians, the best tech in the business, and top-notch support on call, we make the process easier than ever.

3Deliver results

SureID delivers results within 24 hours directly into your business process, so you can act quickly.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Easily integrate into, and even improve, your current processes
  • Quick results—often within minutes!
  • Best and most responsive customer support in the industry—both for you and your applicants