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Personal review  •  Study abroad •  Work abroad •  Public housing  •  Travel visas  •  Foreign adoption

Our Customers Come First

Every year, millions of people submit fingerprints to the FBI or other agencies – for work, travel, education, and more. It’s likely you’ll be one of them at some point, and you probably don’t want to wait for an appointment to do it.

At SureID, we believe that capturing your fingerprints can be convenient, safe, secure, fast, and appointment-free. Backed by nearly two decades’ experience collecting biometric data, we redesigned the electronic fingerprinting process to create the best possible customer experience, and we’re constantly improving based on your feedback.

Learn about the SureID difference today, and reach out to us if you have questions.  We’re a phone call or email away!

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Our Network

SureID has partnered with a single organization’s retail business service centers to build the most professional, consistent national fingerprint collection network in existence. With over 800 locations covering all 50 states and DC, you’re probably within a 30-minute drive of one of our stations.

Our location partners offer a safe and secure environment, trained technicians, and evening and weekend availability. And you never have to make an appointment – just register, pick a location, and go!

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 Our Technology

SureID’s fingerprinting stations offer a streamlined, modern touch-screen interface as well as the latest fingerprint scanning technology. We combine this with best-in-class security to ensure your personal information is always protected. Many of our customers complete the fingerprinting process in 5 minutes or less. Should you have any questions, we have a top-notch support team ready to assist.

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